ERCuSi-A Silicon Bronze 14” Brazing Rods 1kg Sleeve

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ERCuSi-A Silicon Bronze TIG Welding Rods are high-quality rods designed for TIG and gas welding, delivering exceptional performance in joining copper, copper-silicon, copper-zinc, and steel. With a 14" length, they are perfect for various applications, from welding plain or galvanized sheet metal to addressing surfaces prone to erosion. The ERCuSi-A filler metal, featuring 3% silicon and additional elements like manganese, tin, and zinc, makes them ideal for TIG and gas welding across diverse materials. Conforming to AWS Classification A5.7 ensures high-quality standards. These rods are suitable for a range of applications, including joining coated steels, surfacing erosion-prone areas, and welding various base metals. Temperature guidelines, such as keeping inter-pass temperature below 150°F and adjusting preheat for materials like cast iron and copper, enhance welding precision. Additionally, the rods offer added strength and self-lubricity, making them ideal for aerospace components like bearing cages, raceways, and spacers.

ERCuSi-A Silicon Bronze TIG Welding Rods with 3% silicon for TIG and gas welding, ideal for diverse materials. Conforms to AWS A5.7 standards, suitable for various applications.

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