Dark Welding Cup Goggles Shade 5 (50 mm) for Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Brazing, and Cutting

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Includes one(1) pair of Dark Welding Cup Goggles.


With a rigid 50mm dual cup design, these goggles offer optimal eye protection to keep you safe on the job site. The elastic headband ensures the goggles stay securely in place for lasting protection, while the number-5 shade effectively shields against brightness. These cup-style welding goggles are fully adjustable, making them a one-size-fits-all option. Additionally, the unscrewable lens allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The compact design makes these goggles easy to transport and store, ensuring they are always on hand when needed. Shade #5 lenses are typically used for oxy-acetylene welding, brazing, and cutting operations. It provides adequate protection against the brightness of the welding arc, while still allowing for good visibility of the work area.


Compliant with ANSI Z87.1

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