Electrode Holder 200A, 300A & 500A Jaw Type Lenco Style Stinger for Stick SMAW Welding

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Product description


Contains one 200A, 300A or 500A premium quality electrode holder for Stick (SMAW) Welding. Includes one allen key and one gasket to hold welding cable in place.


Jaw type electrode holder holds rods solid, has a great feel and gripping space. Designed to greatly improve productivity with quick and easy electrode installation. High performance material for great grip and heavy duty applications. Powerful gripping pressure allows the electrode to be bent to a desired shape for access to difficult welds.


Made from a high copper alloy for maximum conductivity and strength. Long top and bottom tip insulators are fibreglass to withstand intense heat and impact. Suitable for heavy duty applications. Oval-point screw cable connections on all models.

Value for Money:

This product promises to be the most value for your money


We supply a variety of welding related accessories to choose from providing a range of sizes and type choices to suit your application




200A, 300A, 500A


390 g

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