Shortstub Electrode Holder 200A & 400A Bernard Style Stinger

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  • 200A (Black Rigid)
  • 200A (Black Flexible)
  • 400A (Black Rigid)
  • 400A (Blue Rigid)
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Shortstub electrode holder ensures solid grip, quick electrode installation. Available in 200A and 400A variations for versatile welding. Twist grip, brass construction, and compact design for optimal conductivity in tight spaces. Fully insulated, easy assembly, and EN60974-11 CE Conformity for worry-free welding.

This Shortstub electrode holder ensures a solid grip on rods, offering a great feel and ample gripping space. With a unique design to enhance productivity, it allows quick and easy electrode installation, and the replaceable head ensures a long-lasting investment. The high-performance material not only provides a great grip but also withstands the demands of heavy-duty applications. Available in a 200A and 400A variations, you can trust these holders for consistent and reliable performance. The 200A holder supports welding rods from 3/32" to 5/32" and cable sizes from AWG #4 to #1, the 400A holder supports welding rods from 3/16" to 5/16" and cable sizes from AWG #1/0 to #4/0 ensuring versatility in your welding projects. The twist grip design, along with brass construction, guarantees optimal conductivity. Fully insulated with a comfortable and slip-resistant grip, these holders provide efficient ball point cable connections. The compact style is perfect for tight spaces, and the optimized angle is ideal for both horizontal and vertical welding. These easy-to-use holders offer superior maneuverability, making it perfect for vertical welding and getting into tight, confined areas. The unique design allows you to grip the electrode near the end, utilizing 20% more of the electrode for increased efficiency. Assembling the holder to the cable is a breeze with the included allen key and gasket, and the small brass insert helps tighten the cable securely, avoiding any mishaps during your welding projects. EN60974-11 CE Conformity ensures compliance with international standards, giving you peace of mind while you focus on achieving the perfect weld.

Before you Buy:

Please ensure you have selected the correct size, colour and handle type for your application.

Package Contains: 

One(1) Electrode Holder, One(1) Allen key and One(1) Gasket to hold welding cable in place.

Package Dimensions (cm) L x W x H:


Weight (g):






200A (Black Rigid), 200A (Black Flexible), 400A (Black Rigid), 400A (Blue Rigid)




490 g

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