Jaw Type Electrode Holder 200A, 300A, 350A & 500A Tweco Style Stinger

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Crafted with premium quality and designed for heavy-duty applications, this electrode holder ensures a solid grip and superior performance.

Made from a high copper alloy, this holder maximizes conductivity and strength, making it perfect for metal fabrication. The six-position jaw design securely holds the welding electrode in place, providing stability and precision during your welding projects. Safety is a top priority, and this electrode holder delivers. Heat-resistant and non-flammable, you can work confidently without the risk of harm from heat or flames. The solid insulated compression spring ensures a tight grip on the electrode, and the long top and bottom tip insulators, made from fiberglass, withstand intense heat and impact. Designed with productivity in mind, the jaw type electrode holder features quick and easy electrode installation. The powerful gripping pressure allows you to bend the electrode to your desired shape, facilitating access to difficult welds. The compact style is perfect for tight spaces, and the optimized angle suits both horizontal and vertical welding. Assembling the holder to the cable is a breeze with the included allen key and gasket. The small brass insert ensures a secure cable connection, preventing mishaps during your welding projects. EN60974-11 CE Conformity ensures compliance with international standards, providing peace of mind as you focus on achieving the perfect weld.

Before you Buy:

Please ensure you have selected the correct size, colour and handle type for your application.

Application & Compatibility:

Available in a 200A, 300A, 350A and 500A variations, you can trust these holders for consistent and reliable performance. The 200A holder supports welding rods from 3/32" to 5/32" for cable sizes from AWG #4 to #1. The 300A and 350A holders support welding rods from 1/8" to 3/16" for cable sizes from AWG #2 to 1/0. The 500A holder supports welding rods from 3/16” to 5/16" for cable sizes from AWG #2/0 to 4/0 ensuring versatility in your welding projects.

Package Contains: 

One(1) Electrode Holder, One(1) Allen key and One(1) Gasket to hold welding cable in place.

Package Dimensions (cm) L x W x H:





200A, 300A, 500A, 350A




380 g

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