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Summary:  Exceptional TIG welding gloves: Premium White Goatskin, unbeatable grip, high durability. Effortless maintenance, and quick pull-on closure for swift work readiness.


Crafted with precision from premium-quality white goatskin leather, these gloves are engineered to deliver an exceptional welding experience like no other. Meticulously designed to provide a level of grip comfort that goes beyond expectations. The high-quality white sheepskin leather not only ensures a secure hold on your tools but also grants you excellent dexterity. The perfect companion for TIG (GTAW) welding with Thumb Torch and rod Grip reinforcement for any task that demands top-tier precision. Spot Cleanable for Effortless Maintenance, allowing you to easily maintain their pristine condition. Equipped with a pull-on closure, these gloves are designed for easy wearing, allowing you to gear up swiftly and get to work.

Package Contains:

One(1) Pair of Gloves

Package Dimensions (cm) L x W x H:


Weight (g):




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