6609 for Dissimilar Steel with Highest Crack Resistance Stick Welding SMAW 1/8\" Electrode 12\" Long in 0.8lb Sleeve

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Each 0.8lb sleeve of 1/8" (3.2mm) contains approx. 7-8 stick welding rods (Length 12”) Electrode for joining dissimilar metals with highest crack resistance. MapleWeld 6609 is a special electrode with high nickel content for joining unalloyed and alloyed steel, stainless steel and heat resistant steel, nickel and nickel alloys, copper and copper alloys. Also suitable for dissimilar welding of these metals. The deposit has a very high ductility, is ferrite free, corrosion resistant and heat resistant up to high temperatures. Excellent weldability on alternating current. Applications including joining dissimilar metals, especially for high thicknesses and rigid joints. Welding of cryogenic steels: vessels and pipes for liquefied gases. Intermediate layer in copper-steel joints. Welding of crack sensitive steel types: roller guides of cement kilns, hydraulic cylinders. Use A.C. or D.C., reverse polarity. Clean and degrease the workpiece. Weld with a short arc, the electrode should be almost vertical to the workpiece. Crack sensitive steels should be preheated depending on the composition and the dimensions. Normally 100 to 250°C (210-480°F) will be sufficient. Always use dry electrodes.

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