Grey WL10 EWCe-2 2% Ceriated Ground Finish Tungsten Electrodes 5-Pack

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Grey WL10 Tungsten Electrodes, 97.30% tungsten, 1.80-2.20% cerium, meet AWS standards. Ideal for diverse applications, offering stable arcs, low erosion, and no spitting. 7" length ensures convenience, minimizing downtime for flawless welds.

These Grey WL10 ground finish electrodes are crafted with precision and designed for excellence, containing a minimum of 97.30% tungsten and 1.80-2.20% cerium. Ideal for both AC and DC processes, these Ceriated electrodes shine in DC welding at low current settings. Whether you're into orbital tube and pipe manufacturing, working with thin sheet metal, or handling small and delicate parts, these electrodes are your go-to choice. Meeting the high standards of the American Welding Society (AWS A5.12M/A5.12:2009), our 2% Ceriated tungsten electrodes boast similar performance to thoriated tungsten but without the radioactivity. With 1.8–2.2% cerium oxide as the principal oxide additive, these electrodes excel in various applications, including low-alloyed steels, non-corroding steels, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, and copper alloys. They offer good ignition and re-ignition properties, ensuring a stable arc with low erosion rate and no spitting. Experience improved arc initiation, reduced tungsten contamination, and enhanced longevity. The 7" electrode length ensures convenience in handling, and their durability translates to less downtime, allowing you to focus on creating flawless welds.

Package Contains: 

Five(5) Tungsten Electrodes 7" length in clear telescopic tube.

Package Dimensions (cm) L x W x H: 


Weight (g):





    1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm






    40.0 kg

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