15 Silver BCuP-5 Ag15% Brazing Rods, 1/8" x 20" Pack of 6

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15% silver copper-copper brazing alloy for HVAC, refrigeration. Versatile, conforms to standards, ideal for tight joints. Use proper safety measures. Not for ferrous metals.

The preferred alloy for general copper-copper brazing, self-fluxing on copper, suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration connections. With a silver content of 15%, this industry-standard alloy is renowned for its versatility and reliability. The brazing filler metal conforms to AWS A5.8/A5.8M BCuP-5 standards. Ideal for brazing copper, especially in air conditioning and refrigeration connections, with the ability to fill loose connections and cap or build up around finished joints. Suitable for copper/nickel base metals, but not recommended for steel or ferrous metals due to joint ductility issues. Suitable fluxes recommended for brazing brass or copper to brass. Allows flexibility for loose connections and precise flow into tight joints when heated above its liquidus temperature. No flux needed for copper brazing; white flux recommended for brass applications, and boric acid-free flux is an excellent choice. Use proper ventilation and protective gear. Infrared radiation can harm eyes; protect yourself with appropriate safety measures. Applications include HVAC brazing, HVAC/R refrigerant systems, air conditioning coils, evaporator coils, electrical conductors, copper and brass fittings, and more. Not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous metals due to sufficient lack of joint ductility.

Application & Compatibility:

Nominal Chemical Composition%:
• Copper: 80.0% ± 1.0
• Phosphorus: 5.0% ± 0.2
• Silver: 15.0% ± 0.5
• Other Elements (Total): 0.15% Max

Typical Physical Properties:
• Brazing Range: 1300-1500⁰F (704°C -816°C)
• Tensile Strength: 60 kpsi
• Melting Point: 1475⁰F (802°C)
• Solidification: 1190⁰F (643°C)

Package Contains:

Six (6) sticks of 1/8" (3.2mm) in Telescopic Translucent Plastic Case

Package Dimensions (cm) L x W x H:


Weight (g):







    227 g

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