Welding Rod Leather Pouch Bag with Metal Swivel Clip

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Welding Rod Leather Bag, crafted from premium brown leather for rods up to 16 inches. The Split Cowhide Electrode Rod Holder, featuring sturdy construction and reinforced seams, guarantees durability. Our Pearl Split Cowhide Leather Rod Pouch combines elegance with heavy-duty seams, a rod pocket, and a clasp for belt loop attachment. The Flame Retardant Split Leather Material prioritizes safety in welding rod storage. The bag's lightweight design and easy belt loop attachment offer efficiency in production welding. With a Double Leather Bottom and Metal Swivel Clip, durability is enhanced. The Reinforced Rivet Construction ensures longevity, while 100% Cowhide Leather with Kevlar Stitching provides unmatched durability and resistance, capable of holding up to five pounds of rods. Choose our bag for a stylish, durable, and safety-focused welding rod storage solution.

Premium brown leather welding rod bag prioritizing safety with flame-retardant features. Durable, efficient, and stylish; ideal for professional welders.






150 g

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