RBCuZn-C Bare Bronze 14" Brazing Rods 1kg Sleeve

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RBCuZn-C Premium General-Purpose Rod, a top-tier, low-fuming bare bronze brazing rod designed for versatile applications. Crafted for excellence in gas brazing on a range of materials, including steel, copper alloys, cast iron, nickel alloys, and stainless steel, this rod stands out with its exceptional mechanical properties. The balanced zinc and copper alloy composition ensures robust performance, making it ideal for various tasks such as brazing fenders, radiators, water tanks, and sheet metal applications. Its versatility extends to braze welding steel and cast iron, thanks to its low melting point, facilitating easy machinability and suitability for sheet metal work. While it comes as a bare rod, optimal performance is ensured with the use of a recommended bronze brazing flux, applied as a paste to prevent oxidation and promote wetting during the brazing process. The corrosion-resistant alloy, comparable to high-zinc brass alloys, makes it a reliable choice for diverse applications. Packaged conveniently in a telescopic translucent plastic case, the 14" length ensures effortless storage and use, providing a practical and reliable solution for all your brazing needs.

RBCuZn-C Premium bare bronze brazing rod with excellent mechanical properties, versatile application, corrosion resistance, and convenient storage in a telescopic plastic case. Conforms to AWS A5.8 standards


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