58 for Dissimilar Difficult to Weld Manganese Tool Carbon Spring Steels Stick Welding SMAW 1/8\" Electrode 12\" Long in 0.8lb Sleeve

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Each 0.8lb sleeve of 1/8" (3.2mm) contains approx. 12-14 stick welding rods (Length 12”) Joining dissimilar metals and difficult to weld steels. MapleWeld 58 is a highly alloyed electrode for joining and surfacing tool steel, spring steel, manganese steel, carbon steel and all difficult to weld steels and dissimilar metals. The deposit has exceptional tensile strength and resistance to cracking. Oxidation resistance up to 900°C (1650°F). Even on dirty metal porous-free welds can be obtained. Stable arc, almost no spatters. Smooth welds, without undercutting. All positional. Applications include joining of broken tools and dies, cast steel, abrasion resistant steel. Copper and carbon steel to stainless. Repair of hydraulic rams, bulldozer buckets and teeth, gears. The work hardening characteristics and the high chromium content make it suitable for surfacings on rails and bearing areas, on plastic extrusion tools and cutting edges. Use AC or DC (reverse polarity). Electrode to be held at 90° to workpiece with shortest possible arc. Allow each weld bead to cool slightly before making a further deposit. On problem steels, cover the welded area with insulating material in order to avoid rapid cooling.

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