7018 Mild Steel 1/8''(3.2mm) - 3/32''(2.4mm) - 3/16''(4.8mm) - 5/32''(4.0mm) Stick Welding SMAW Electrode 14" Long in 1lb Sleeve

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  • 1/8''(3.2mm)
  • 3/32''(2.4mm)
  • 3/16''(4.8mm)
  • 5/32''(4.0mm)
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Each 1lb sleeve of 3/32" (2.4mm) contains approx. 20-22 stick welding rods (Length 14”), 1/8” (3.2mm) contains approx. 12-14 stick welding rods (Length 14”), 5/32” (4.0mm) contains approx. 8-10 stick welding rods (Length 14”) and each 1.5lb sleeve of 3/16” (4.8mm) contains approx. 8-10 stick welding rods (Length 14”) E7018/E7018-1 Low-hydrogen iron powder type electrode that produces high quality x-ray welds. It can be used in all positions on AC or DC reverse polarity welding current. Recommended for welding medium grade carbon steels where no preheat is used, and on cold rolled steels normally exhibiting excessive porosity when welded with conventional electrodes. Typical applications include low-alloy structurals, low-medium and high carbon steels, offshore rigs and power plants, steel structures and tack welds for tubular wire applications


CWB, AWS Classification A5.1

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1/8''(3.2mm), 3/32''(2.4mm), 3/16''(4.8mm), 5/32''(4.0mm)


454 g

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