HF25 for Hardfacing Machinable Surfacing Stick Welding SMAW 1/8" Electrode 18" Long in 1lb Sleeve

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Each 1lb sleeve of 1/8" (3.2mm) contains approx. 8-9 stick welding rods (Length 18”) For Machinable surfacing. MapleWeld HF25 has good resistance to impact and wear. Recommended for hard facing of wear parts that have to be machined afterwards. All positional. Useful as a base layer for extra hard wear facing layers. Can be welded on A.C. despite the lime type coating. Applications include toothed wheels, rollers and sprocket wheels of bulldozers, roller bridges, winch drums, rails, cams , clutches and for base layer for hard facings. Use A.C. or D.C. reverse polarity. Weld with a short arc and low current to limit the dilution with the base material. To obtain the maximum hardness, at least three layers are necessary.

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